Ale Freeland

Born in Buenos Aires. Freeland established himself as an artist in Toronto. He is the artistic director of Latino Canadian Cultural Association. Freeland received his formal training in photography, film and video at the Ontario College of Art & Design. During the past few years, Alejandro has been programming for different festivals and venues including: “Latin-Afro Fest II” (2008), “Latin-Afro-First Nations Festival”, “Latin-Afro-South Asian Festival” and “Rhythms of the Earth Festival”. He has showed his work in several contemporary art events in Canada and abroad such as: Light Bringers Art Show (Collective) at Gallery 1313, Alter Toronto (Collective) in collaboration with Georgeta Marcus at Gallery 1313, Beyond our Roots (Collective) at Gallery 61, EBB & FLOW (Collective) at Gallery 1313, AlucinArte (Collective) at Gallery 1313, Gothic Buenos Aires, with painter Gustavo Ferreira, at Danish church, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Latin American Artists Group (Collective) at OCAD.

Childhood: Yummy Memories A plate is a canvas, a canvas full of thoughts and memories.
The idea behind this colourful exhibition is to celebrate childhood memories of favorite foods that we loved as kids, and to remember the most delicious flavours linked to our heritage and childhoods. Integral to our family memories, these are cherished meals that we miss from the time of our grandmothers and joyful family gatherings in our country of origin. Although we may still enjoy them here in our city today, these delightful dishes reconnect us to our childhood.

Exhibition at Harbourfront Centre, Marilyn Brewer Space, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of Pan American Festival.