Alexia Miranda

She studied Humanities, Contemporary Dance and Fine Arts at the University of the Americas in Mexico. She has exhibited in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, United States, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Lithuania, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Berlin. Her works have been exhibited in Hard Core Contemporary Space, Miami. She was invited to "Natura Intervenida" in Spain, The IV Inter-American Biennial of Video Art in Washington; and the International Film Festival in Bogota, Colombia. Currently, she is working as performance artists and teaches workshops nationally and internationally.

Hecha Nudo. Performance - The heaviest burden takes us, we are felled by it and crushes us into the ground.  But in the love poetry, women want to carry the weight of a man's body. The heaviest is  the image of life, be real and true. Conversely, the absolute absence of burden causes man be lighter than air ... and his movements became free as insignificant.

"Curando Latinoamerica", is a program initiated in 2006, CCESV (El Salvador) invite a curator or an artist to participate in conferences and reviews of young local artists' works, in order to fortify practical and theoretical processes.