Amelia Jimenéz

She was a fine arts student at the University of Chile when the military took control of the government. She finished her studies and in 1977 and she moved to Canada. She studied at the Ontario College of Art, Also she was an artist in residence at La Chasse Gallery in Toronto. In 1982 she studied at the Studio Luis Camnitzer in Italy. Amelia was an education officer at The Art Gallery of Ontario and works with young people to encourage their creative expression. Her visual art ranges from printmaking to photography and she currently incorporates sculptural elements in her multi-media expressions. Since 1976, Amelia has exhibited her work at shows in Canada, South America and Europe.

The Trojan Horse. Is an investigation into the abandoned mining towns in the desert in northern Chile. Towns that have been inhabited in the early twentieth century and many of them have been used by the Pinochet dictatorship as detention fields. These towns like Troy have been invaded, abandoned and destroyed.

Exhibition at Soft Art House Gallery and Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of alucinARTe and aluCine Festival.