Ana María Lozano

Ana María Lozano lives and works in Bogotá City, Colombia, as curator, professor and art critic. She holds a Masters in History and Art Theory, and is currently pursuing a second Masters degree in Cultural Studies. She is Art Historian and Visual Arts Professor at the National University of Bogotá, Universidad De Los Andes, and Universidad Javeriana.

Territories in Dispute. The last decade has been considered one of the most critical years in the Colombian conflict. The country has been immersed in struggle between the government, the national army, the paramilitary and the guerrilla movement. Torture, massacres and kidnappings have been part of their daily practices. In borderline areas such as El Chocó, Putumayo, Cauca, the fighting has been more intense, displacing the afro Colombian communities, first nations and farmers from their lands. Their land is being redistributed amidst the invisibility of the victims’ rights. The main issue is that in terms of inhabited lands it is impossible to keep track of any changes in ownership.?In a centralized country, divided by classes and racism, the zones in conflict, which are less white and less developed do not have strong presence in the collective imaginary. To offset or to counteract this omission the artists discussed in this talk produce a collective imaginary to create new systems of references, understanding and resistance of this conflict.

Presented at The Munk Centre, University of Toronto, in co-presented with Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, University of Toronto and e-fagia, Visual and Media Art Organization.