Black Radical Imagination

Black Radical Imagination is a curated touring program of visual shorts, traversing the fields of new media, video art and experimental narrative. Assembled by film programmers and curators Erin Christovale and Amir George, the series was inspired in part by the limitations of representation for people of colour in cinema.

Black Radical Imagination has been touring for the past three years traveling across the United States, Trinidad, Switzerland and now Canada. Each stop provides more evidence that there is an audience interested in and excited about films that are often ignored or dismissed by the Hollywood-dominated North American film industry. The series also attempts to transcend the narrow confines of a specifically African American experience and tap into the stories of a larger diaspora, addressing issues that are pertinent and tangible for many people of colour around the world.

In co-presentation with Toronto Animated Image Society, Images Festival, Cinema Studies Institute, Regent Park Film Festival, Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, The Cinema Studies Student Union (UofT) and The Masters of Visual Studies (MVS-UofT)