Eduardo Vaisman

“Creative Conversations series” Colectivo Toronto is focusing on exchange of ideas, to generate a conceptual discussion sharing creative process, techniques and knowledge.


Over the past 18 years I've worked full-time in the postproduction field as Sound Designer, Sound Editor, Mixer Engineer, Picture Editor, VFX Editor and postproduction coordinator earning credits in over fifty feature films, hundreds of commercial, TV shows and on-line content. My career spans through productions from six different countries and I've been nominated for awards in two different countries for my work. In 2007 I moved to Toronto (Canada) where I worked as Visual Effects editor while freelancing with local audio studios. Three years ago joined Ubisoft Toronto as Sound Designer to work in "Splinter Cell Blacklist", after shipping with great reviews I was named Team Lead Audio for Shangri-La missions in Far Cry 4. Specialties: Sound Design, Mixing, Sound Editing, Foley, ADR, Recording, Picture Editing, VFX Editing, game audio implementation, pipeline and postproduction workflow planning.

Presentation at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.