Ernesto Bautista

Ernesto Bautista was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. He has been nominated for the grant from the Cisneros Art Foundation and its work, both written and visual, has earned several awards, including first place in the Latin American Art Auction Sumarte; among his exhibits we can name: "Extensiones del Dibujo" at CCESV; El Salvador, "Mesotica Inc." ArtBo, Bogota, Colombia, and  VII Bienal de Artes Visuales del Istmo Centroamericano, Teatro Rubén Darío, Nicaragua.

Masses - Variables measures. The lighter is itself an experience, the metaphor, syncretised, of my own expression like a social individual. Gathers two apparently non-related elements: The blood, which has a wide diverse readings (violence, genetic inheritance, historic roots, family, hate, passion, death) enclosed in the recipient that does the lighter, which does not represent anything but a detonation device is the second element. But here’s where a third element comes in with a symbolic charge, mystified:the fire (the capacity, the power, the energy, the combustion), implicit into the physic metaphor as a potential element.

"Curando Latinoamerica", is a program initiated in 2006, CCESV (El Salvador) invite a curator or an artist to participate in conferences and reviews of young local artists' works, in order to fortify practical and theoretical processes.