Eshrat Erfanian

Eshrat Erfanian is a visual artist based in Toronto and She had a PhD at York University, where she also teaches. She has an MFA from University of Toronto, and is an alumnus of the Whitney Independent Study Program in NYC. Her work has been exhibited in the USA, Europe, and Canada.

Start Dreaming. Is a commentary on our lived environment and its state of social psychology. Captions of residential neighborhoods in suburb of Toronto and pre war residential houses in Berlin, are juxtaposed with maquettes of neighborhoods, which are randomly destroyed. "Start Dreaming" explore our built environment, fear of destruction and its imposed paranoia. The utopian sound of the rain, interrupted by the sound of digitally layered 180 love songs, adds to the acknowledgment of our lack of ability to imagine a new utopia.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of Digital Event.