Eugenia Calvo

Lives and works in Rosario, Argentina. She completed a residency at Gasworks, London and Galería DPM in Guayaquil. She also obtained: 1st Petrobras Art Prize in 2006; also her projects were selected by Camargo Foundation. In 2011 she was invited to participate in the International Biennial of Cuenca, Ecuador. She exhibited at the Gallery Bis, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Museum Castagnino, DPM Gallery, Gallery 713 and at the Argentina National Art Gallery.

Un plan ambicioso. Is a video installation on three monitors that can never be accessed simultaneously, forcing the viewer to visit them one after another and so find their own story, their own edition of the triptych. Eugenia, through their actions ironically thinks about the bourgeois world, not only in his native home in Rosario. With an absurd game of hide and seek, she explores new aesthetics of visualization.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada. In co-presentation with Graciela Taquini in the framework of aluCine Festival.