Faisal Anwar

Faisal Anwar is a digital media artist/ interactive producer / UI/UX expert (Toronto/ Pakistan). He is founder of an interactive art studio, DigitalDip and Co-founder Me A Monster Inc. His project series, Oddspaces, brings together art, culture and technology in an odd configuration to explore our perceptions towards architectural space, private or public spaces and social interactivity in modern urban cultures. He has shown at the Winter Olympics 2010, and performed nationally and internationally. He has directed five other sort films which were part of various festivals in Canada and abroad, such as Monitor 3 South Asian Film and Video’ presented by SAVAC Toronto, 2007, ‘Pollution’ presented by INTERart, Romania, 2007, aluCine Toronto Latin Festival, 2007, Shortsnonstop.com and at TPW Gallery Toronto, 2007. Anwar is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Habitat-LAB, Interactive Arts and Entertainment Program 2004, Anwar did his Bachelors in graphic design from the National College of Arts Pakistan 1996. Faisal volunteered on the Programming Committee of SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) and taught part time at Centennial College.

Walking Spirits. We are living in a trans culture. Living like ghosts in our towns. Breathing, running somewhere – no matter where you are from? Where you live? What are your dreams? You are a victim of being lost in the name of globalization – We are so comfortably numb. As long as its not happening to me, I am fine. You will find yourself in these lost moments. I did too!   

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery - Toronto, Canada in the framework of “Beyond Our Roots” by the Latino Canadian Cultural Association and CANORAA (Canadiens et Canadiennes d'origine Africaine, Antillaise et Asiatique du Canada).