Frances Negrón-Muntaner

Lecture & Presentation

“Reimagining Latino Inmigration and Social Justice: Narratives of Inclusion”. A multi-media presentation about how do we change the current social and economical system in the Latino Community. We must move away from the current narratives that pathologize people and their behavior and provides little consideration for the current and historic marginalization of low income communities and communities of color.  This immense undertaking involves examining current and historical narratives about inmmigration, justice, crime, safety, race, class, and gender among others.

Frances Negrón-Muntaner is an award-winning Puerto Rican filmmaker, writer, and scholar. Her work is focused on a comparative exploration of coloniality, primarily in Puerto Rico and the United States, with special attention given to the intersections between race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and politics. She is an associate professor of English and Comparative Literature and Director of the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University in New York City. She has also contributed to the Huffington Post, El Diario/La Prensa, and 80 Grados, and since 2008 has served as a Global Expert for the United Nations Rapid Response Media Mechanism. She is one of the best-known Puerto Rican lesbian artists currently living in the United States

Presentation at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.