Jean-Gabriel Périot

Jean-Gabriel Périot, born in France in 1974, has over the past fifteen years perfected an innovative filmmaking approach by focusing on archival editing. Moving image and photographic archives make up the raw material of his shorts, which are edited to create an impressionistic story or narrative, typically aided by compelling soundtracks. Periot’s work is distinguished for its intense, emotional approach to contemporary and historic political themes. Despite the labor intensive process of compiling a film via multiple edited images, Périot has made numerous short films using digital video and/or film that reside within combined documentary/essay, animation, and experimental genres. His works have been honored with many prizes and shown worldwide in numerous festivals, institutions, and cinemas.

Dies Irae. Is a stunningly poetic and beautiful short film by Jean-Gabriel Périot, which has deservedly been screened at a large number of festivals and exhibitions. The film is constructed from thousands of still images, which blend into one another in very rapid succession. All of the images all show a road, path, or a central line of some kind which vanishes into the distance, and this pathway is always placed centrally, creating a very strong metaphor for the ever-changing journey of life. The soundtrack, a mix of world music, has a delicate beauty which lends a gracefulness to the film.
Lovers. Video Installation. Pornography can sometimes be beautiful, sensitive, esthetic. A movie about making love, respiration, exhibition, loneliness, silences.

Exhibition at National Film Board, Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival; and “Lovers” at Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Canada.