Jorge Elía

He is an Argentine visual artist. He has devoted much of his work to the development and the search for new aesthetic in the field of experimentation between figurative and non-figurative painting. His teacher in the areas of drawing and painting have been Osvaldo Ferraro.

Anita. Sets of two or more paintings making one complete image, conceivably stemming from an inspiration unable to express itself on a conventional canvas, were favoreds by many medieval and renaissance painters. Nowadays, diptychs and triptychs seem to be in vogue again. The artist truly enjoys this intricate and elaborate visual interplay, a painstaking task requiring extraordinary caution and attention. He seems, however, to accomplish his duty with little effort and the beautiful concerted panels in this triptych far from jeopardize the work as a whole, enrich and embellish it.

Exhibition at Espacio Eléctico. Buenos Aires, Argentina.