Julia Barco

Received her B.A. in communications from Cornell University and M.A. in visual studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, moves between Mexico City and Oaxaca, creating documentaries, fictional films, and experimental media. Barco's films have exhibited internationally, and she is the recipient of scholarships in film, video, and multimedia projects from the MacArthur and Rockefeller Foundations.

Retrospective. Julia Barco reveals intimate and engaging reflections on the diversity and richness of Latin American feminism through experimental explorations. Julia Barco travels between Colombia where she is from, and México where she now lives. She is an artist whose personal experimentation explores gender, discrimination, mind, and memory.  Constant recording feeds the production of mini-doc.

Exhibition at National Film Board, Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada, in the framework of aluCine Festival, Co-presented by Groupe Intervention Vidéo.