Julieta Maria

Julieta Maria is a Toronto based new media artist with an MFA from York University.  She works with a variety of media, including video, interactive video installations and web. During the past few years, Julieta has worked in the field of media arts as a facilitator, teaching workshops in video production, video editing, website development and digital story telling. She has also co-curated several Internet and media exhibitions. She is a co-founder of e-Fagia Visual and Media Art Organization in Toronto, where she is currently acting as the executive director.

February. The landscape can be regarded as something external to us, which surrounds us: land, nature. But it is also what we project upon it: our own thoughts, fears and memories. In this way, landscape is mediated by our perception of a space, transforming it with autobiographical references. When perception is just whiteness, the landscape acts as a canvas on which to project our own memories. February is a video installation that stands in this borderline between perception and memory. Snow and ice become a site for investigation of concerns of loss, un/belonging, dis/connection, and home. It is transformed into a field of dreams, metaphorically charged, saturated with memories, histories and desires.

Exhibition at The Innis Town Hall-University of Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.