Julio Soto

Julio Soto is a film producer/director and artist who works and lives in between Madrid and New York. In 2004, he co-founded The Thinklab | Luna Pictures, an independent production company based in New York and Madrid. Several of his films received the Best Film, Best Documentary and Best Photography awards in different festivals. He was recently awarded a fellowship from the prestigious New York Foundation of the Arts.

Invisible Cities. Imagine a post-apocalyptic undefined urban center, imagine interiors covered with vines, water, vegetation, flies swarming around. Imagine an omnipotent camera, ubiquitous, panning and dollying through this urban landscapes of surreal imagery. Abandoned buildings, ruined urban centers, deserted cities, nature taking over every space around, claiming back what's been lost for a while. Imagine also, the decay of past and current ideologies, communism, capitalism, new age...

Exhibition at The Innis Town Hall-University of Toronto, Canada in the framework of aluCine Festival.