Ken Leung (Autotelic Collective)

Ken Leung is a multidisciplinary interaction designer with a passion for creating meaningful interactive experiences across a variety of mediums — web, mobile, responsive spaces, natural interfaces, and physical computing. Ken’s design sensibilities are informed by a diverse background: he studied Industrial Design and Digital Media at OCAD University, holds a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Toronto, and has over seven years of professional experience in web and software programming.

Sphere Line Cube. As a purely ludic experience, this installation invites the participant to create and play with a linear object that will live in a cube. Using an updated stereoscope viewing booth as the interface this installation recreates the setting of the Victorian-era science fiction story Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott and lets participants engage with these geometric elements, as environments, objects and controllers in the installation.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of Digital Event.