L’Agence Topo

L'Agence TOPO is a Montreal based artist-run center dedicated to the production, dissemination and distribution of independent multimedia works. It was founded in 1993 initially to promote all possible forms of photography. Today it initiates and produces collective web art projects while disseminating and distributing media art. An on-line showcase for fiction, Agence TOPO’s primary focus is on the convergence of visual art with literature and new media with the presence of a network of artists coming from diverse creative and cultural horizons.

Mes/My contacts. The web lends itself easily to the constructed identity and brings up many questions as to what is true or false in the information offered by the people who stage it: the web has become a relational tool with which individuals try to forge closer relations. Curator Élène Tremblay has invited four artists who have developed fictitious identities in their practices to create works where these probable identities could spread. Net surfers will be invited to discover them, to witness fragments of their life and to form relationships with them, in a context where certain doubts could arise as to the existence of these characters.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canadian the framework of Digital Event. In co-presentation with Élène Tremblay as a curator with: Marcio Lana Lopez, Maryse Larivière, Marie-Josée Hardy, and James Prior.