Leticia Obeid & Rita Camacho Lomeli

Leticia Obeid - "Notas y Huelas" combines both writing and visual art in her work. In her creative practice reading, writing and drawing come together to explore a personal narrative. Leticia's work is both intimate and layered, it gives the viewer the chance to submerge themselves and explore the inner secrets it holds. Leticia’s practice is placed within the mediums of figurative and abstract, and explores fiction and the subjectivity of creation, thus allowing a play to occur between the art in itself and the concept behind it. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied arts at the School of Arts at the National University of Córdoba (UNC), and received a scholarship from the Antorchas Foundation. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in Argentina and internationally.


Rita Camacho Lomeli - "Parallel Lines" is an artist with performance-based projects that focus on ephemeral sculpture, artist's books, video and curatorial projects. She is an artist who bases her work on the convergence of the movement of everyday life and human existence. Her works maintain a balance amidst the frontiers of interventions and personal reflections. While her works seem simple, they intentionally develop an intense process between the event and the result.Rita maintains a presence of connectivity so ingrained in today's world that her works are never just ephemeral. They are intrinsically related to a socio-personal questioning and search for meaning in the framework of a contemporary world. Her art practice shows the precarious relationship between the human and the severe objectivity of reality. Rita’s works do not pursue a simple aesthetic objective, but try to show a reality that remains beyond its constitutive gaze and where the images themselves constitute a new history.
Rita is an artist whose performance-based projects centre on ephemeral sculpture, artist's books, video and curatorial projects. Her work explores "the gift" covering a wide range of temporal terrain stretching from the relationship between the accidentally miraculous and the here and now. She received and MFA from OCADU, her projects have been awarded from the Ontario Arts Council and the Toronto Arts Council. She has exhibited her work individually and collectively in Canada, Serbia and Mexico in galleries, festivals and on the streets.


Guest Curator: Laura Preger
Laura is a Media and Sound Designer, currently she is doing a master's degree in Sociology of Culture at the National University of San Martín in Argentina. During 2011 to 2018; she has been working as curator and programmer coordinator at the visual and new media hub at Club Cultural Matienzo. She also presented a weekly cycle of independent films from contemporary Argentinean and Latin American filmmakers.Since 2017 she works as a Film Programmer Coordinator at Andrés Di Tella University. Laura has organized conferences, seminars and special exhibitions made by national and international artists, such as Lucrecia Martel, James Benning, João Moreira Salles, Marta Andreu, Andrés Denegri, Michael Temple and Catherine Grant.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada. Presented by Colectivo Toronto and Club Cultural Matienzo (Buenos Aires - Argentina). Sponsor by The Consulate General of Argentina in Toronto and Supported by the Ontario Arts Council - Media and Visual Arts Projects.