Mauricio Kabastian

He lives and works in El Salvador, is a former member of the Artificio collective and is currently co-manager of The Fire Theory, a collaborative project that researches, manages and produces art. He recently opened his first solo exhibition in ESFOTO12 in San Salvador, El Salvador.  He has also participated in group exhibition such as “El Cambio”, World Bank, Washington, D.C.; JUANNIO Latin American Art Auction in Guatemala City; VII Biennial of Visual Arts of the Central American Isthmus, Managua, Nicaragua; SUMARTE Art Auction 2010, Museum of Art of El Salvador MARTE; X Young Art Prize, Spain Cultural Center, El Salvador.

The Fire Theory. This exercise is a critical view on environment resources management. It is also a directly position that the person adopts in his creative process, being influenced by their environment for a creating process.

"Curando Latinoamerica", is a program initiated in 2006, CCESV (El Salvador) invite a curator or an artist to participate in conferences and reviews of young local artists' works, in order to fortify practical and theoretical processes.