Miguel Albaladejo

Miguel Albaladejo was born in Alicante, in 1966, Miguel Albaladejo spent his youth with and in a cinema throughout the 70s and 80s, screening films by Buñuel, Bertolucci, Kubrick, Pasolini, Woody Allen, Truffaut, Fassbinder, Oshima, Saura, Godard, Wenders, Ferreri, Borau, Eric Rohmer, Bob Fosse, Gutiérrez Aragón, Ken Russell, etc., since his family owned a theatre in Spain. Miguel Albaladejo studied “Ciencias de la Imagen” in Madrid.

Cachorro (Bear Cub)

As a favor to his hippy sister who has gone off to India, Pedro, a gay dentist, has agreed to look after his nine-year-old nephew, Bernardo. Bernardo’s father is dead and the boy and his uncle have not had much to do with each other until now. Originally, the boy was to stay with Pedro for a few days, but six weeks have passed with no word from the boy's mother. His nephew’s presence forces Pedro to take a break from his otherwise extremely active sex life. In fact, Pedro was beginning to tire of the superficial nature of his many relationships. Even his boyfriend, Manuel, who suddenly pays Pedro a visit and who shares his penchant for leather and latex, is not really the man with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life, despite of the fact that they express love for each other. Then, all at once, an entirely different set of problems crops up.

Exhibition at Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.