Natalia Dominguez

Natalia Dominguez is a visual artist who works in Central America. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in New Media at La Esmeralda Art School in Mexico. The exhibitions that we can quote are: "Tiny loneliness" at The Alliance Française, San Salvador, El Salvador. "Mutations" The Cultural Site, Guatemala and "Nothingness everyday" at the Cultural Center of the Embassy of Mexico in El Salvador.

The bed and the private space, erotic, relaxing, a place to dream, happens to be the area where everything is observed, everything is known, everything is cold and wet at once.

"Curando Latinoamerica", is a program initiated in 2006, CCESV (El Salvador) invite a curator or an artist to participate in conferences and reviews of young local artists' works, in order to fortify practical and theoretical processes.