Nicolás Testoni

His work has received support from the Jan Vrijman (2005) and Prince Claus (2007) Dutch foundations, and distinctions in the Telefónica Foundation & MAMBA "Art and New Technologies" (Buenos Aires, 2006). He received the Art Award at the festival Video Brasil (San Paulo, 2007), also the Art Award Competition for his works on music and video at the Leonor Hirsch Foundation (Buenos Aires, 2008), he participated at the Concours Internationaux Bourges -Arts et Musiques Electroacoustiques Electroniques- (Bourges, 2009) and the Prix Ton Brunei (Amsterdam, 2010).

Canto de las aves pampenas. Some time ago I came home with a audio cassette that fascinated me when I was a teenager. The audio in question is called “Canto de las aves pampenas”. With the singing of the birds in mind, I visited with my camera nearby fields. The frames that make up this video are well organized an in a double disjunction (between sound and image on one side, and between past and present, on the other).

Exhibition Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada; In co-presentation with Graciela Taquini in the framework of aluCine Festival.