Panorama - Women in Experimental Cinema

Screening Presentation "Panorama - Women in Experimental Cinema". This programme showcasing independent Argentine and Latin American women filmmakers. This unique programme presents the work of artists who use a variety of different methods to explore the possibilities of the Super 8 format. The generation of filmmakers presented in this programme wants to make their voices heard and express their ideas and visions through their films: the stories are developed freely, allowing the erasure of the line that separates fiction from the experimental or the documentary. Filmmakers: Lujan Montes, Luciana Foglio, Melisa Aller, Macarena Cordiviola and Azucena Losana. Screening at SPK Beverley Hall in the frame of 13th edition of The Super 8 Film Festival Toronto. Supported by CINAIN (Cinemateca y Archivo de la Imagen Nacional / Cinematheque and National Image Archive), Ministry of Culture of the Argentina, INCCA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Visuales / National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts) and The General Consulate of Argentina in Toronto.