Paolo Pedercini

Paolo Pedercini is a teacher at Carnegie Mellon University and a game designer. Paolo is the founder of MolleIndustria, an Italian team of artists, designers and programmers that aims at starting a serious discussion about social and political implications of videogames by exploring the intersection of ideology and electronic entertainment. Since 2003 molleindustria has released experimental video games dealing with unusual themes such as sex, religion, labor and ecology.

Faith Fighter. We can no longer consider video gaming as a marginal element of our everyday lives. In recent years, the turnover of the video game industry has exceeded that of cinema, and there are a growing number of adult and female players. Now video games are an integral part of the global cultural industry, and they are in a strategic position in the ongoing processes of media convergence. Faith Fighter is the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada in the framework of Digital Event.