Richard Noel

I am originally from South Wales in the UK. South Wales is a beautiful part of the world which I feel privileged to have grown up in and taken inspiration from. The Welsh are proud and passionate people. We’re certainly not afraid to show our feelings. Most of my artwork represents mood and emotion. I often translate my feelings through eccentric colour palettes, but lately have been drawn to using textured white surfaces. All of my art creations have been created to catch the light and have impact. You will also notice that all of them of them use the colour black, which I think echoes the dark moods that often haunt me. I have always been one to wear my feelings on my sleeve, so recording my feelings on canvass was a natural step forward for me. Apart from a few key phrases to describe the theme of each painting, I always avoid giving away too much information. It really is half the enjoyment looking at a piece of art and finding your own interpretation.

Lost. The re-occurring dream. Trying so hard to get back to you.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery - Toronto, Canada in the framework of “Beyond Our Roots” by The Latino Canadian Cultural Association and CANORAA (Canadiens et Canadiennes d'origine Africaine, Antillaise et Asiatique du Canada).