Sojin Chun

Sojin Chun is a photo and video artist based in Toronto. Her work demonstrates narratives from a place/neighbourhood/city, exploring the fluid nature of identity. Through residencies at Kiosko Galeria (Bolivia), Belgrade School of Fine Arts (Serbia), Casa das Caldeiras (Brazil), and Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taiwan), Chun has created still/moving images that demonstrate manifestations of hybridity in the everyday. Chun has a B.A. in Applied Arts from Ryerson University; a certificate from the Maine Digital Workshops; and a Masters in Communications and Culture from Ryerson/York Universities. Sojin’s photographic work has been exhibited in Canada, United States, Serbia, Mexico, and Bolivia. Her videos have been screened Internationally. Most recently, soJin’s art practice has been focused in video art and has shown at FotoNoviembre, Tenerife, Canary Islands; at ASpace Gallery for the Lost Secrets of the Royal (commissioned by LIFT and The Reel Asian Film Festival); and at the Letters from the Sky Festival on Climate Change in South Africa.

An Urban Lullaby. Tells an experimental narrative that illustrates the chaotic nature of identity and self in an urban environment.  The protagonist represented by fragmented body parts in black and white falls from a cloud to discover a stimulating cityscape.  The collage imagery composed of vibrant colours, textures and shapes exhibits the seductive qualities of urban living. The main character becomes consumed by the fast-pace of the city and embedded in the walls as she turns into colour.

Exhibition at Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.

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