Ulysses Castellanos

Ulysses Castellanos is a multidisciplinary artist, actor, and independent curator living and working in Toronto. His work encompasses new media, film, theatre, video, music, performance, painting, photography, and sculpture-installation, often combining these elements into elaborate performance art projects.

The Exorcist. Is one of the most compelling horror films ever created. In terms of its significance, it is second only to W.F. Murnau’s Nosferatu, A Symphony of Terror. Why is The Exorcist so important? Because as well as being a truly horrifying motion picture, its theme goes to the core of our humanity. The Exorcist is a study on Faith, the loss of Faith, and the regaining of Faith through an act of personal sacrifice. The film also deals, quite masterfully, with the battle between good and evil. Its message is that goodness will always prevail. In "History Of The Revolution" a list of all known historical revolts from ancient times to the present runs over the last 20 minutes of the Jackie Chan film The Protector, surrounded by an installation of gutted stuffed animals. The piece conveys a depressing sense of futility, though the roll call of rebellions and revolutions is staggering.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.