Based in Toronto, Canada; I have been working as a curator, programmer and art administrator for artist-run centres, art collectives and cultural associations like: Espacio Ecléctico; Southern Currents Film and Video Collective, aluCine - Toronto Latin Media Art Festival, Civic Theatres Toronto - TOLive, “Digital Event” by     
e-fagia-Visual & Media Art Organization, Toronto Animated Image Society, ArtsXplosion Cultural Society, Latin American Dossier of Arts; and Colectivo Toronto.

Work Experience in Arts Organizations:

Organization: TOLive - a Toronto City Agency 
Web (link): TO Live
Position: Duty Manager 
Dates: November 2005 - Present

Organization: Colectivo Toronto
Web (link): Colectivo Toronto
Position: Curator & Programmer
Dates: January 2014 - Present

Organization: Latin American Dossier of Arts
Web (link): facebook.com/Latin-American-Dossier-of-Arts
Position: Cultural Advisor
Dates: January 2014 - Present

Organization: TAIS (Toronto Animated Image Society)
Web (link): www.tais.ca
Position: Board of Directors
Dates: March 2008 - October 2020

Organization: ArtsXplosion Cultural Society
Position: Board of Directors
Dates: March 2010 - October 2014

Organization: Pulso Media Communications Inc. (Latidos & Bold Magazine)
Position: Arts & Minds, Associate Editor
Dates: January 2010 - December 2011

Organization: E-fagia.org. (Visual, and Media Art Organization)
Web (link): www.e-fagia.org
Position: Curator & Cultural Manager - Digital Event ‘09
Dates: March 2008 - November 2009

Organization: Southern Currents (Film & Video Collective)
Web (link): www.alucinefestival.com
Position: Programmer and Curator
Dates: November 2003 - November 2009

Organization: Espacio Ecléctico Cultural Centre
Position: Co-Founder / Programmer and Curator
Dates: January 2000 - October 2003

Professional Development and Education:

* Public and Private Funding of International Non-Profit Contemporary Art Platforms - Continuing Education, Zurich University of the Arts.
* Master Class with Clementine Deluy & Jorge Puerta - Pina Bausch Foundation - Dance Principles of Hans Züllig (Folkwang Hochschule Essen) - TOLive, Toronto.
* Node Center Berlin - Curatorial Studies - Managing an Art Gallery & Queer Art and Queer Curating.
* (BICI) - The Banff International Curatorial Institute - Curatorial Future Course - Visual & Media Arts Banff Centre - Walter Phillips Gallery. 
* Completed one year, post-undergraduate course “Reflections about Visual Culture”, Art History and Criticism, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
* French Language, (CEC) Canadian Education Centre Network.
* Course “Art History in the XXI Century”, National Fine Art Museum, Buenos Aires City.
* Course “Cultural Management”, with Pablo Martinez, in co-partnership with The Ford Foundation at Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas.
* General Accounting. University of Buenos Aires. College of Economic Sciences and Administration.
* Completed one year of post-undergraduate courses. Marketing on Cultural Projects.
* Completed one year of post-undergraduate courses. Development for Cultural Companies.
* Workshop “Image Art Scenes”, with Pina Bausch, in co-presentation with Tanztheater Wuppertal, and Goethe Institute, Buenos Aires City.
* Workshop “Image, Light; and Stage Production”, with Jean Pierre Miquel, at La Comédie Francaise, Paris, France.
* Workshop “Art Design and Storyboards Internship”, at Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, U.S.A.  
* H. Bachelor of Arts in Curatorial & Multimedia Arts. Institute of Arts, University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires City.
IES - Beatriz Galindo, Madrid, Spain.

Professional Awards:

* Canada Council for the Arts, Media Arts Projects.
* Ontario Arts Council, Media Arts Projects.
* Ontario Arts Council, Visual Arts Projects.
* Canada Council for the Arts, Audience and Marketing Development Travel Grant.
* Ontario Arts Council, Access and Career Development - Portfolio Development.
* Toronto Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Vision Awards - Arts and Culture.
* Heritage Canada, Art Presentation.
* Antorchas Foundation, Art Creation Scholarship.

Presentations, Screenings and Exhibitions:

* Coming Out: A Mini Retrospective - artwork by Leslie Coleman - Curated by Sandy Mcleod - Co-presented by Colectivo Toronto
A mature Canadian-Caribbean artist, Leslie Coleman lives between Toronto and Belize. Leslie has devoted decades to a pursuit of mastering the timeless classic oil painting methods and B&W photography darkroom technique. This art for music lovers charts his expanding repertoire, seeking out, a stroke at a time, new freedom to open up his vision, full of fresh focus for the road ahead. Leslie methodically explores an expanding diversity of inventive imagery destined to situate his life experience as a gay man of colour, while connecting us to his recent realities of dealing with survival and recovery from several life-threatening health challenges… an outsider artist, Leslie exhibits his independent art spirit, freed from conforming to the established models, out to defy our (and his own) expectations. Special thanks to Bar Bacan Staff. 

* Pacho el Archivo Visual (Pacho's Visual Archive) a short film by Blanca Marcela Lopez cinematography by Sue Johnson and music by Scott Hardware
After the death of my only brother I found rolls of undeveloped film. This documentary is a reenactment of those stills and an exploration of the aspects of my brother's life that I didn't know. Blanca Marcela Lopez worked in her home country, Colombia, as a journalist, researcher and video editor for several years. She holds an MFA in Documentary Media at Toronto Metropolitan University. She currently works at the CBC as a news editor and when she has time, directs short films.

* The Good Word by Andrea Thompson
Andrea Thompson is a writer, editor, educator and spoken word artist. Andrea was the 2009 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word’s Poet of Honour and in 2005 her spoken word album, One, was nominated for a Canadian Urban Music Award. In 2019 her album, Soulorations earned her a Golden Beret Award, and in 2021 she received the Pavlick Poetry Prize. Her most recent work is The Good Word, a spoken word album that explores the intersection of Black history and faith.
Presented by Crafting Community TMU and Colectivo Toronto.
Special thanks to Sandy McLeod, Ken Moffatt and Bar Bacan Staff. 

* Collage: Re-envisioning civic discourse in urban space
The artists in this show pick up the unfinished work of history and speaking to contemporary civic discourse around person, social, political, economic and environmental issues. The artists sourced collage materials through strolls in downtown Toronto. The elements of the collage include found material from the streets, such as, organic matter, signage, decorative materials as well as rubbish.
Artists:Meera Dhebar / Camilla Gibb / Mehdia Hassan / Anna Jedrzejowski / Sandy McLeod  / Jim Nason and Ada So
Presenters and co-sponsors:Colectivo Toronto - Jack Layton Chair - Toronto Metropolitan University - Community Engaged Learning - Teaching Faculty of Art - Toronto Metropolitan University - Social Sciences Humanities Research Council and Bar Bacan.
Special thanks to Sandy McLeod, Camilla Gibb, Ken Moffatt, Reena Tandon and Bar Bacan Staff. 

* Book Reading by Sandy Mcleod 
Presented by Colectivo Toronto and Jack Layton Chair (Ryerson University)

* Screening Presentation "Panorama - Women in Experimental Cinema". This programme showcasing independent Argentine and Latin American women filmmakers. This unique programme presents the work of artists who use a variety of different methods to explore the possibilities of the Super 8 format. The generation of filmmakers presented in this programme wants to make their voices heard and express their ideas and visions through their films: the stories are developed freely, allowing the erasure of the line that separates fiction from the experimental or the documentary. Filmmakers: Lujan Montes, Luciana Foglio, Melisa Aller, Macarena Cordiviola and Azucena Losana. Screening at SPK Beverley Hall in the frame of 13th edition of The Super 8 Film Festival Toronto. Supported by CINAIN (Cinemateca y Archivo de la Imagen Nacional / Cinematheque and National Image Archive), Ministry of Culture of the Argentina, INCCA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Visuales / National Institute of Cinema and Visual Arts) and The General Consulate of Argentina in Toronto.

* Exhibition Media and Visual Art; "Notas y Huellas" by Leticia Obeid, presented by guest curator Laura Preger and Presented by Club Cultural Matienzo (Buenos Aires-Argentina) "Parallel Lines" by Rita Camacho Lomeli, presented by Colectivo Toronto. Exhibition at 1313 Gallery Toronto, Canada. Sponsor by The General Consulate of Argentina un Toronto and Supported by Ontario Arts Council, Media and Visual Arts Projects. 

* Screening Series, Presented by Colectivo Toronto, films by Francisca Duran "Even my hands were full of truths" - Retrospective. Francisca Duran is an experimental media artist based in Toronto, Canada. Born in Santiago, Chile in 1967, Duran came to Canada as a refugee following the 1973 military coup that ousted elected president Salvador Allende. This event – the experience of exile and its reckoning – is integral to her artistic practice. Duran’s moving image work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues through the aperture of the archive, both familial and public. Combining digital and analogue media, her work explores the intersection points of memory, history, politics and technology. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous film festivals, and group screenings, including HotDocs, DOK Leipzig, London International Film Festival, Images Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and the John Hansard Gallery and Ben Russell Gallery. Her practice has been supported by research and production grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council. Screening at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada. Supported by Ontario Arts Council -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant.

* Screening Series, Presented by Colectivo Toronto
, films by Tracy German "In a present distance" - Retrospective. Over the past twenty years Tracy has created a variety of film, video and mixed media works. In 2006, Tracy German completed the acclaimed “In A Present Distance…” a 27min. experimental video, made over eight years from 16mm and super 8mm collected images. It is a mesmerizing portrait of motherhood framed around a train trip to Quebec City, in which fragments of a woman’s life emerge and speak subtly and sublimely to the journey of life: of grieving and loss, of happiness and sadness as well as the joyful and reverent gestures of living. As well Tracy German has completed eight short 16mm experimental films and videos the most notable of these “A Private Patch Of Blue”, exhibited at over 40 film festivals, winning the Dunn Hayes Memorial award at the Onion City film festival in Chicago. 
Screening at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada. Supported by Ontario Arts Council -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant.

* "Rountable on the Art of Collectivity", featuring the likes of Iris Film Collective (Ariel Kirk-Gushowaty and Lisa G.), Loop Collective (Dan Browne, Kelly Egan, and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof), 4:3 Collective (Jaclyn Bruneau and Esme Elizabeth), ITWÉ (Sebastien Aubin and Caroline Monnet), Pleasure Dome (Christina Lucy Latimer), re:assemblage (Christina Battle and Scott Miller Berry), NIMAC (Little Charlie), Available Light (Lesley Demon), Double Negative (Erin Weisgerber and Shannon Harris), Colectivo Toronto (Hugo Ares) - Presentation by Images Festival at The Commons - 401 Richmond St. West, Toronto, Canada.

* Screening Series, Presented by Colectivo Toronto, films by “The Loop Collective - A night of films by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof & Kelly Egan” -This Looming Matter: Material the Forgotten and Underrepresented Histories of Women in the Technology Arts. Screening at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada. Supported by Canada Council for the Arts -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives.

* Canadian Media Arts - International Canadian Dissemination: Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Program 1: “Retrospective - Errores de Vida” by Nicholas Pye and Sheila Pye.
Program 2: “It’s queer up north” lgtb2q shorts program.
Program 3: “Experimenta Canadá” video shorts program.
Program 4: “Video Projections” - several artists.
Artists: Chase Joynt, Deirdre Logue, Michéle Pearson Clarke, Thirza Cuthand, Jess Dobkin, Scott Miller Berry, Alison S.M. Kobayashi, Iris Moore, Trevor Anderson, Ryan Ferko, Parastoo Anoushahpour, Faraz Anoushahpour, Dennis Day, Terra Long, Madi Piller, Dan Browne, Heidi Phillips, Andrew James Paterson, Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof, Daniel McIntyre, Lisa Birke, Alexandre Larose, Kent Monkman, Jude Norris/Tatakwan, Mée Rose, Alize Zorlutuna, Rick Raxlen, Élise Simard, Nick Fox-Gieg, Félix Dufour-Laperriére, Ellen Besen, Steven Woloshen, Pasquale LaMontagna, Craig Marshall and Lisa Morse. 
Presentation at Club Cultural Matienzo by “Colectivo Toronto”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Supported by Canada Council for the Arts -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives. Sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Buenos Aires, CFMDC (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre), Vtape - The source for video and new Media, Grolsch Brevery, Brava Productions and Prudencia Insurance Company.

* Screening Series, Presented by Colectivo Toronto, “Memory in Bones” films by Gail Maurice; (Co-Presented with ImageNative Film and Media Arts Festival and The National Film Board of Canada) at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada. Supported by Canada Council for the Arts -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives.

* Screening Series, Presented by Colectivo Toronto, “Towards a Vanishing Point” films by Chris Kennedy; at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.
Supported by Canada Council for the Arts -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives.

* Commissioning / Creation Project - Animation Workshop by local artists - A group of traditional visual artists (Coco Riot, Fiya Bruxa, Alex Flores & Sandra Brewster) who use drawing as their main practice, had the opportunity to receive two days classic animation workshop and one week access to an animation station to give life to their creations. This workshop was given through a partnership with the Toronto Animated Image Society also with the collaboration of Eduardo Vaisman and Janice Schulman as instructors. Supported by Canada Council for the Arts -Media Arts Section- Projects Grant to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives.

* Nuit Rose Toronto - Featured Artist - Screening Presentation - “Latino-Canadian filmmakers telling stories” focuses on the exchange of stories and ideas in order to generate a different point of view on the Latino issues about the LGBTTIQQ2S community, inside and outside Canada. The program ranges from personal stories to migration processes, expressing individual and social conditions. The program also shows the creative contribution of Latino filmmakers as a contribution to the history of the community. This project has the support of Vtape - The source for Video & New Media.

* Colectivo Toronto - “Creative Conversation Series I” is possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council - Media Arts Projects and Visual Arts Projects.
- Teresa Ascençao - Multimedia Retrospective (Co-Presented with aluCine Festival)
- Eduardo Vaisman - Sound Composition for Video Games.
- Ráfagas Canadienses - Screening - with the following artists: Gareth Long, Heather Keung, Lorena Salome, Michelle Irving, Gunilla Josephson, Deidre Logue, Tom Sherman, Jeremy Bailey and Nelson Henricks. (Co-Presented with Vtape - The source for Video & New Media).
- My Deaths - Video Installations - Curated by Juana Awad (Germany) with the following artists: Mike Arnold, Oliver Pietsch and Mathieu Brochan.
- Alize Zorlutuna - Multimedia and Performance Retrospective. (Co-Presented with Collective SUM*).
- Scott Miller Berry - “Ars Memorativa / The Art of Memory”, Presentation and Film Retrospective.
- Z'otz* Collective - Visual Art Retrospective.
- Sybil Lamb - Visual Art Retrospective.
- Coco Riot - Visual Art and Performance Retrospective. (Co-Presented with Pio! Centre for Drawing).

* Artist Talk: “Creative process; The search in my work” by Rosa Mesa, in collaboration with Colectivo Toronto - at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.

* Curator Board Jury 2014 - T.I.N.A. Prize - Barcelona/Berlin/Rome (Associazione Culturale Radar, Venezia, Italy) is an international platform for artists which allows you to establish links with galleries, exhibition spaces and curators. 

* Maya Yonesho - "Retrospective".  She is an independent animator who practices what some in Japan call "Art Animation". Screening at Japan Foundation, Toronto, Canada; in co-presentation with Toronto Animated Image Society, Reel Asian Film Festival and Japan Foundation.

* Screening: “The Exquisite Corpse Video Project” (ECVP # 4) - The project is co-ordinated by the Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela since 2008 and has had the participation of over 80 international artists so far, divided in 4 volumes. Presented by Colectivo Toronto, at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.

* Program Coordinator of “Eleven in Motion, Abstract Expression in Animation” with the participation of: Madi Piller, Patrick Jenkins and Richard Reeves at Anima, International Animation Film Festival, Córdoba, Argentina. With the collaboration and support of Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Embassy in Argentina, Argentina Association for Canadian Studies, University of Córdoba, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, The Petman Foundation and Christopher Cutss Gallery.

* Coordinator of “Hello Amiga Project”. Exhibition by: Barry Doupé, Daniel Barrow, Amy Lockhart, Alex McLeod, Lorna Mills, and Mark Pellegrino. (Toronto Animated Image Society, Trinity Square Video, Vtape and OCAD)

* “The Better Sex for Animation - Signe Baumane”. Film Programmer - Workshop - Screening at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada.

* “Remembering Hellen Hill” - A Mentorship Residency with Amy Lockhart. Film Programmer - Workshop - Screening at CineCycle, Toronto, Canada.

* “Met The Artist: Ian Gardner” - Animation Screening & Lecture. National Film Board of Canada - Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada.

* “ArtXplotion” Latin Visual Art Exhibition for Lgbttiqq2sa artists at 519 Church Street Community Center.

* Lecture “The experience of the art collectives” at CCESV - Arts Centre of Spain in El Salvador a sub-agency of The Spanish Agency of International Co-operation for the Development (AECID), Spanish Foreign Office (MAEC); and a Master Class at Institute of Art, University of El Salvador.

* “aluCine Festival”, Installations, Amelia Jimenez, Sojin Chun, Fernando Llanos, Andres Garcia La Rota, Nicolas Testoni, Christian Delgado, Tamara Toledo, Rodrigo Barreda and Marcello Mercado at Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

* “Digital Event” - New Media & Electronic Arts - Paolo Perdercini, Eshart Erfanain, SAVAC (South Asian Visual Art Collective), L’ Agence Topo, Patricio Davila (Autotelic Collective), Theo Pelmus, Ulysses Castellanos, Alexandra Gelis, Jorge Lozano, Ne(w)Commers Collective (Rodrigo Hernandez Gomez, Eliza Segnini, Sasa Stankovic & Rita Camacho), and Lidia Leon, at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

* “Ushuaia Biennial” - “Fax Art“ - Toronto Group, Ushuaia, Argentina.

* “From Chaos in Search of Equilibrium”, Video Installation, Gustavo Kortsarz at Alliance Française, Vancouver, Canada.

* Lecture “Thinking through a Latin American Art Curatorial Proposal”. Writer, cultural historian and Curatorial Practice professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Dot Tuer engages discussion with curators and visual artists concerning curatorial practices within the Latin American community in Toronto. Invited curators include: Ulysses Castellanos, Hugo Ares, and Tamara Toledo.

* “Space Invaders”, Video Installations, Mark Sutherland, Nobou Kubota (His work is included in the collections of Canada's major art institutions; he received a Canada Council Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for his outstanding artistic achievement. He also was the winner of the Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts), Ulysses Castellanos, Kika Nicolela, Andres Garcia La Rota, Eugenia Calvo, Mariela Yeregui, Tsui Kuang Yu, and Perte de Signal Group (Sofian Audry, Miriam Bessette, Jonathan Villeneuve and Alexis Bellavance) at Gallery 1313, Toronto, Canada.

* “aluCine Festival”, Installations, Gustavo Kortsarz, Gustavo Caprin and Jorge Castro at National Film Board, and Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada.

* “Flash Back “98”, Film Programmer, Daniel MacIvor, and Dominik Scherrer, at “7th aluCine Toronto Latin Media Festival”, National Film Board, Toronto, Canada.

* “Uncontrolled Reflections”, Video Installations, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Oscar Muñoz, Claudia Bernal, Gustavo Kortsarz, Tracy German, Marta Cela, and Gustavo Caprin at Shift Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

* “IV Photo Books Author’s Fair”, Photos, Tamara Chatterjee Chatelain, Sojin Chun, Rita Camacho Lomeli, Arlan Londoño, Guillermina Buzio, Baran Doda, Mercedes Angola, and Hildegart Oloarte, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “aluCine Festival”, Video Installations, Paulina del Paso, Arlan Londoño, Julieta Maria, Susana Salinas, Julio Soto, and Collective Southern Currents, Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

* “alucinARTe”, Installations, Guillermina Buzio, Hildegart Oloarte, Rita Camacho Lomeli, Pedro Alderete, Rafael Lopez Castro, and José A. Toirac, at Cervejaria Downtown, Toronto, Canada.

* “alucinARTe”, Installations, Alexander Pillis, Arlan Londoño, Bruno Bressani, José A. Toirac, Juan Si González, Rosa Mesa, Aidé Alcocer, Amelia Jiménez, Iván Arocha, and Patricia Clark, at Soft Art House Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

* “Urban Behaviors”, Installations, Mariel Galarza, and Diego Amadio, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Lights of the Pampas”, Installation, Florencia Cillo, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Anita”, Paintings, Jorge Elia, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “The attic of…”, Installation, Osvaldo Ferraro, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Archeology of Absence”, Photos, Lucila Quieto and Ines Ulanovsky, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Galacti. K”, Graphics, Mariana Volponi, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Ludic”, Paintings, Graciela Urbani, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Me…Take”, Photos, Nora Lozano, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “My”, Photos, Andrea Knight, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Visceral”, Sculpture, Mariana Olivero, Miriam Perlmutter, and Pat Taylor, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Art House”, Paintings, Collective Show, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Space M / S”, Drawings, Silvia Santana, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Viaje Uno”, Sol Aramendi & Gisela Schuster, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* “Photo / Mirrors”, Photographic Installation, Ken Lum, at Espacio Ecléctico, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Jon Tupper - Canadian commissioner to the 2001 Venice Biennale - and Sponsored by DFAIT-MAECI Canada, The Confederation Center Charlottetown, P.E.I. - University of Buenos Aires and the Canadian Embassy in Argentina.

* “Anniversary of Latin America's Cultural Promoters”. Sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation, Doris Duke Foundation, and the Government of the Buenos Aires City.

* "Juana". Fiction / Experimental film by Daniela Trajtenberg. - Art Director - With Mariana Garcia Hervás, Director of Photography: Julieta Escardó, Sound Design and Music: Darius Lipovich / Gabriel Paiuk, Musical interpretation by: Sofia Escardó, Darío Lipovich, Miguel Magud, Gabriel Paiuk and Camilo Reiners. Awarded as a Best Experimental Short Film at the 2000 International Film Festival in Arizona, also received the Special Jury Award in the category Original Dramatic Short Film at the 33rd WorldFest Houston, Texas, USA.

* Coordinator, Collective Visual Art Exhibition, Udaondo Palace. Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

* Coordinator, Collective Visual Art Exhibition, Social Museum University. Buenos Aires City, Argentina.

* Internship at “The Green Room” - “International Festival of Lesbian and Gay Arts”- Manchester, U.K.

* Coordinator, Collective Visual Art Exhibition (NICA), Nevada Institute for Contemporary Art. Nevada, U.S.A.

* Coordinator, Collective Visual Art Exhibition, Gallery Coliseum. Milan, Italy.

Performance Series:

“Pleasure in Kolona” By Hernan Vidal
“Itaka” By Hernan Vidal
“Carnival; inhabitants of Thanatos” By Hernan Vidal
* Performance at 17K Theatre, Teatro del Sur, The Parakultural Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires; Argentina.
“Karmen con K” By Prosper Merimee, screenplay by Clarisa Quiroga
* Performance at Teatro del Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“The Malady of Death” By Marguerite Duras, screenplay by Sara Acher
* Performance at Teatro del Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
“In the vestibules there are dead Angels“ By Alberto Felix Alberto
* Performance at Teatro del Sur in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Sound Technician)