Alize Zorlutuna

“Creative Conversations series” Colectivo Toronto is focusing on exchange of ideas, to generate a conceptual discussion sharing creative process, techniques and knowledge.


Alize Zorlutuna is a Turkish-Canadian; Toronto based media artist and writer who employ a diverse range of media in her practice.
Working in new media, sculpture, performance, audio and video, her work draws upon her experience as an individual living between two cultures. Negotiating multiple perspectives simultaneously, this embodied liminality informs her creative practice; manifesting in explorations of interstices. The desire to activate interstices where differing perspectives, emotions, and physical entities meet, and the meanings created in those meetings rests at the heart of her work. Alize graduated with distinction from the Sculpture and Installation Program at OCAD University,where she won multiple awards. She also has an honors degree in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University. Alize has shown work at Interaccess,Toronto Free Gallery and Xpace as well as having participated in Nuit Blanche.

Co-presented by curatorial collective SUM°

SUM° is an intersectional feminist creative and curatorial incubator comprised of Alize Zorlutuna, and Reena Katz aka Radiodress. Our collaboration is an embodied effort to reconfigure relationships to history, identity, migration, whole time, and land as a means of building alternative forms of political and cultural engagement. Thinking outside of settler-colonial frameworks, SUM° offers proposals that complicate public and exhibition spaces. We endeavor to reveal the generative possibilities of hybridity.

Presentation at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.