Andrés García La Rota

Visual artist who lives and works in Colombia. His works in photography and video installations explores the theme of transformation of memory in the territory and the boundaries between the real and the virtual. He is currently artistic director of Latin American Festival of Media Arts, and Plataforma Bogotá, Colombia.

Campo Abierto - Campo Cerrado. features video screens framed like paintings. One video shows a field as seen from the window of a poor field laborer’s house.  It is seen as a white speck in the distance, and as the zoom progresses the house is magnified until it fills the picture plane. Both videos progress at a snail pace in a contemplative fashion so that we see two points of view unraveling simultaneously: Inside looking out and outside looking in. This piece begs a closer look at the merits of the ironic distance that has become the norm in today’s contemporary art.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery and Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada, in the framework of aluCine Festival.