Fernando Llanos

Llanos studied at La Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving in Mexico, specializing in video. In 2000 he became interested in the relation between video and the Internet, e-mailing short works to a circle of 500 in countries such as the US, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil. He created a website (fllanos.com) with videos lasting less than 26 seconds. These videos express the desires and frustrations of everyday life. Works to be found on his website include “So…”, an animation in black and white showing padlocks and keys and alluding to the relations between women and men, and “ABC”, a 20-second video simply showing the artist shouting the letters “A”, “B” and “C”. Llanos has taken part in different festivals, such as “Interférence”, Montbéliard, France (2000); “Festival Vídeo do Minuto” en São Paulo (2000) and “Transmediale”, Berlin (2000). Private and collective exhibitions include “Creación en Movimiento” and “Jóvenes Creadores”, both in Mexico. En 2001 he took part in the “World Wide Video Festival”, Amsterdam, with his video “Specs” (2000). He received the “Jóvenes Creadores”(Young Creators) Grant (2000-2001) from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, Mexico, which helped him make the series “Videoviajes”, comprising “Expectativas”, “Futuro”, “Sagital”, “360º” and “Itaca”. His “RPM” won first prize in the best experimental video category at the “VIDART” Festival in Caracas, Venezuela.

Punto Suspensivo. Sculpture Video. Chamaco, my Chihuahua dog, gave me an iPhone at Christmas 2007. Since then I have been taking several daily pictures, with multiple interests and purposes. In these 20 months I have taken 13,921 iphoneographys, for this piece transferred to video and showed in a display that second to second present them for approximately four hours. The way of presenting them is through a mini-plasma that rotates 90 degrees left to right, depending on the photograph format, vertical or horizontal, highlighting with this rhythm the immediacy and excessive generation of images nowadays (1). It shows the day to day (if you have the patience to see it completely) for over a year of an artist that has made the sharing of his privacy one of his concerns. This point is only one of the many that are suspended on the cyberspace.

Exhibition at Lennox Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.