Gustavo Kortsarz

Argentine artist, graduated as a Designer at the National School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires City. Awarded by the French Academy for the Arts, he moved to Paris, France. Then he continues his stay in Paris, where he lives. His work is based on computer graphics, animated films, also paintings and prints. He have been worked as a professor of Video at the School of Fine Arts in Reennes. His installations’ works and videos have been exhibited in festivals and art events around the world.

A los 40. As I was approaching 40, I realized  that time was catching up with me. Thus, I decided to embark  an artistic journey alongside time by taking pictures of myself on a daily basis. As a result, I decided to take daily pictures. In the set of my self-portraits the changes were not as significant as to illustrate the progression of time. I could have switched the order of the images and it wouldn’t made a difference in my final work, but when you relate the self-portraits to the constructions, an absence of time becomes apparent.

Exhibition at Shift Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival and at the Alliance Français Art Gallery, Vancouver; in the framework of Vancouver Latin American Film Festival.