Jorge Lozano

Jorge Lozano. A key figure in the independent media arts scene in Toronto and Canada for several decades, Lozano's narrative and experimental works have shown in many prestigious festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance. A founder of aluCine: Toronto film + media arts festival, Lozano has mentored scores of young artists, providing an exhibition platform for their highly experimental works as well as conducting workshops for marginalized youth in Canada and Latin America. His films have been exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, amongst others, and his experimental work has been exhibited at many international festivals and galleries. Lozano is currently working on a PhD at York University in Visual Arts.

Eye Vision. Using found footage, Eye Functions touches on how the electronic visualization of silence in war and death has a double reading, a mirror reflecting multiple fields of interpretation, creating variations of perspective, inviting the viewer to participate in the creation of a meaning different from the one embedded in the initial conception. The title Eye Functions is taken from Paul Virilio’s writing on War and Cinema. The relationship between blinding and seeing has been the motivating force behind the development of war and film technologies, technologies that are complementary and have nurtured each other from its beginnings. Eye Functions is a phenomenological investigation on how violence is perceived and how digital technology is used to show it and to hide it. The use of dual screening will create a sense of “standing streaming”, a continuous flow of images in a continuous transformation adding to the discourse on art, technology and social concerns. Jorge win The Canada's Governor General's Awards in Media Arts by Canada Council for the Arts.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada in the framework of Digital Event.