José Ortega

Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ortega established himself as an artist in New York City. In 1997 he made Toronto his second home, He has worked on commissions for such clients such as Absolut Vodka, MTV, Apple Computers, Bloomingdale’s, Sony Music, Amnesty International and the New York Times. Jose has been the subject of numerous articles in international art and design journals. His work has been exhibited in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Ortega has also designed and completed many public art commissions including a series of mosaic murals for two NYC subway stations and a stained glass window for the Buckingham Hotel. Ortega’s recent projects are a series of street murals in Toronto and postage stamp designs for the US and Ecuadorian postal services. He is the co-founder and artistic director of Lula Lounge a performance venue in Toronto. Lula Lounge has become ground zero of Toronto’s exploding world music and culture scene.

Childhood: Yummy Memories - A plate is a canvas, a canvas full of thoughts and memories.
The idea behind this colourful exhibition is to celebrate childhood memories of favourite foods that we loved as kids, and to remember the most delicious flavours linked to our heritage and childhoods. Integral to our family memories, these are cherished meals that we miss from the time of our grandmothers and joyful family gatherings in our country of origin. Although we may still enjoy them here in our city today, these delightful dishes reconnect us to our childhood.

Exhibition at Harbourfront Centre, Marilyn Brewer Space, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of Pan American Festival.