La Nuit Rose

Nuit Rose 2015 - Nuit Rose is a community-based, cultural festival. The multi-venue event fosters the work of Canadian and international visual and performance artists. The aim of Nuit Rose is to enhance the scope of cultural programming of Toronto Pride by promoting collaborative relationships between community partners, artists and the public.

Screening Presentation - "Latino-Canadian filmmakers telling stories" focuses on the exchange of stories and ideas in order to generate a different point of view on the Latino issues about the LGBTTIQQ2S community, inside and outside Canada. The program ranges from personal stories to migration processes, expressing individual and social conditions. The program also shows the creative contribution of Latino filmmakers as a contribution to the history of the community.

This project has the support of Vtape - The source for Video & New Media.
Curated by Hugo Ares. Presented at The Theatre Centre, Toronto, Canada.

El Cañaveral (The Sugarcane) 58:08 min. by Jorge Manzano & Samuel López
El Silencio 18:00 min. by Gricel Severino
La Transformist(a) 26:00 min. by Alberto Guevara
Nuestras Caras, nuestras historias 16:45 min. by Samuel López
Land(e)scaping 18:10 min. by Jorge Lozano

Spanish and English with English and Spanish subtitles.