Lidia León

Lidia León is a Colombian visual Artist and Fashion Designer. She creates and designs original work using watercolour.  Recently, Lidia also began working with felt colours and shapes.Lidia has experience as an Artist since 1995, when she finished her studies in Fashion design. In 1999, Lidia decided to study Fine Arts in Italy at the prestigious Accademia di belle Arti di Bologna. Lidia continued to reside in Italy after her studies, making it her home for more than 8 years.Lidia’s work has been featured in exhibitions across Italy and Colombia, as well as in Canada, where she presently resides.

My Bodies, My Soul. I have explored the human body as the case that contains one’s soul; an ephemeral body that is transformed under certain circumstances into a physically and psychologically damaged body and one that is also the currency used to pay for something in exchange.  Painting, performance, video, and photography are the languages I use to communicate my main concerns:  the political situation of my native country, the agony of an event such as kidnapping, and the pain and suffering of being exiled from my mother home, Colombia, through my own family situation as a victim of it.  The interaction with my water colours intends to be a way for people to become a part of us, of my family, and of our intimate memories.

Exhibition at Pixel Gallery, HotShot Gallery and 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of Digital Event.