Lorena Salomé

Lorena Salomé was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2003, she moved to Toronto, where she finished her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at OCAD-Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work has been presented in Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and the United States. She makes use of different technologies-video, electronics and mechanics-for her artwork.

Product of absence. False memories, truthful reconstructions. The originating excuse is the story of representation, Whom we love has died and we evacate them after their irrevocable lost. We remember with the manipulation of archives, games and the intricacies of memory as a standpoint. But the logic of archives is made bizzare through the difference of remembrance.

Exhibition at National Film Board, Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.