Mariela Yeregui

Mariela Yeregui has a degree in Art from the Buenos Aires University and a Film degree from the National Film Institute of Argentina. Currently works with video and multimedia, with an emphasis on installations that integrate audiovisual formats, Internet, video installations and online performances. Received a fellowship from the Antorchas Foundation to work for one year at the Hypermedia Studio - Department of Film and TV (University of California, United States), where she created several projects of interactive installations and digital art. Her work “Epithelia” was exhibited and awarded in many festivals worldwide. She was also awarded for her interactive installation “Principle of Uncertainty”. Is a teacher at the Media Centre d’Art i Disseny in Barcelona, Spain.

Territorial 2. Mariela Yeregui developed artworks in the field of robotics. In a grid of cells Hazzard, thousands of ants invading the space. Yeregui alludes somehow to a new species, "The Argentinean Ant", which has the quality to destroy all other species and even attack the ecological system. This installation resonates as a surreal event, with a minimalist construction making a metaphor about identity.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada. In co-presentation with Graciela Taquini in the framework of aluCine Festival.