Michelange Quay

In 1997, he earned a Master Degree in Film Directing of the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, at New York University, NYC, USA. In 2002, he was chosen for Cannes Film Festival’s Cinefondation Residence for Directors, in Paris, France. It was here where he began writing the script for “ Eat, For this is my Body”. In 2004, he directs “The Gospel of the Creole Pig” is A short-film in 35mm which was presented in the Official Selection in the Cannes Film Festival 2004, and won Best Short Film at Locarno, Stockholm, Milan, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Turin and Tokyo.

The Gospel of the Creole Pig. "I am the Creole Pig". Haiti has been exposed to the menace of invaders since the Era of Exploration. The pig poetically speaks about historical and present Haiti, the first republic of black people that still suffers extreme poverty even now.  A voodoo ceremony by a stormy night. A group of slaves drank the blood of a pig, baptizing the struggle for freedom that will create Haiti, the first black republic in the world. Haiti, 1978. In an agreement signed with the U.S. government's secret police dictator exterminate black Creoles to introduce the American pink pig pigs, this is the world porcocide.

Exhibition at National Film Board, Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.