Perte De Signal

Perte de Signal is a Montreal based art centre that promotes and fosters the development of digital arts and innovative artistic uses of technology. From audio performances to video projections, and mechanical/robotics installations to public interventions, the Perte de Signal membership works in a variety of mediums while exploring a wide array of artistic and formal approaches. Perte de Signal has played an active role in the development, presentation and distribution of media and digital art in Quebec and internationally. Perte de Signal has opened an electronic lab to support production, training and research-creation activities.

Trace. Installation by Sofian Audry, Miriam Bessette and Jonathan Villeneuve. Trace is an interactive and immersive installation that plunges the visitor in a dazzling environment made of plastic, luminous and sound structures that refer to an everyday life that is lived through the transformation of the intimate space. Bulbs and spinning are intertwined to reveal the fragility of the livable space. The thin curtain of reality, thus diverted, reveals the ephemeral aspect of a memory erased by the renewal of the private space. Performance by Alexis Bellavance & Martin Messier.

Exhibition at 1313 Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.