Scott Miller Berry

“Creative Conversations series” Colectivo Toronto is focusing on exchange of ideas, to generate a conceptual discussion sharing creative process, techniques and knowledge.


Short works by toronto filmmaker and cultural worker scott miller berry. for the past 15 years scott has been making short diary films + videos that address mortality, loss and grief. scott will present four projects, all of which are being screened in toronto for the first time, along with a complementary film by jeanne liotta along with a short talk.


*ars memorativa, 2014, 16mm/HD (on video), 19 minutes, colour/B&W, sound. personal documentary featuring Roberto Ariganello, Marian McMahon, Will Munro.
*beth olem | house of the world, 2014, Super 8, 6 minutes, B&W, silent. two super 8 camera rolls capturing the beth olem cemetery in detroit on the site of GM's "Poletown" plant, only open 4 hours per year.
*anamnesis, 2009, 16mm, 3 minutes, B&W/colour, silent. a film about memories, home and loss. shot at the independent imaging retreat / "film farm" in mount forest ontario.
*untitled (eleven years), 2001, Super 8 (screening on video), 5 minutes, B&W, sound. a posthumous coming out story.
*Ceci n'est pas by Jeanne Liotta, 1997, 16mm, 7 minutes, silent. "Hand processed and unedited, this roll lived in my camera from March-May 1995: a trip to New Orleans, a train ride, the death of a dear friend + artist.
This film is the author of itself; its trace function leaves me behind." - Jeanne Liotta

Scott Miller Berry [Detroit, 1969] is a filmmaker and cultural worker. By day he can be found at Workman Arts where he is Managing Director, previously he was Director for ten years at the Images Festival. Recipient of the 2015 Rita Davies Margo Bindhardt Award for cultural service in Toronto, Scott sits on the Boards of MANO (Media Arts Network of Ontario) and IMAA (Independent Media Arts Alliance) and has recently screened films in Ottawa, Hamburg, Oberhausen, Bangalore, Seoul, Zagreb, Vienna, London (UK + Ontario), Montréal, Québec City, Calgary, Regina and Sackville. 

Presentation at Pix Film Productions, Toronto, Canada.