Tracy German & Marta Cela

Marta Cela was born in Argentina. She currently lives and works in Hamilton. Graduated in Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts “Prilidiano Pueyrredón” in Buenos Aires. In 1992 she completed her studies in Graphic Design  at  Mona Lisa Art Institute.

Tracy German is a MFA is a Toronto based independent filmmaker, artist and educator. Over the past fourteen years Tracy has created a variety of film, video and mixed media works. She collaborated with Argentinean sculptor Marta Cela, and the award winning Jazz musician / Composer Jean Martin, to produce an “exquisite film-based installation”. Also in this lineage of work are the projects: “A Scaled Down Universe”.
Tracy German is an active member of the Toronto arts community, were she has served on artist run boards at LIFT and Pleasure Dome, curatorial juries, and has taught various workshops in independent film/video production. Currently Tracy German is teaching film production and film theory part-time at Sheridan College Institute of Technology in Oakville, Ontario.

A scale down universe. My work mulls over the every day things, traveling through reality and reinventing it. Intimate pieces of work reflecting on circumstances of what has been lived and what has been left behind, showing story tales, unnoticed common places and characters that had a place in time but no longer exist. These are testimonial pieces of work of a world secreted, whereby recognition becomes unfeasible. It is a transgression of social rules, a reflection on anonymous (unnamed) and disappearance.

Exhibition at Shift Gallery, Toronto, Canada; in the framework of aluCine Festival.