Video Brasil

Cultural Association VideoBrasil was established in 1991 and, since then, became the major reference center for electronic art in Brazil, as well as one of the most active centers for international interchange among artists, curators, and theoreticians. The VideoBrasil collection features nearly 4-thousand pieces that illustrate the fast-paced changes of electronic art. One of Videobrasil’s main activities is the International Electronic Art Festival, promoted every two years in São Paulo, which presents a panorama of contemporary artistic output, especially that of the so-called southern circuit.

Itinerancias Video Brasil. The VideoBrasil on Tour traveling exhibitions have been held since the 1980s, aiming to multiply the visibility of the works that have marked each edition of the International Electronic Art Festival VideoBrasil. More than twenty traveling programmes have already taken works awarded by the Festival to dozens of cities in Brazil and abroad. A look that is stopped on an image without anxiety, with placid line with the particular time that gives meaning to the expression and subtle changes, make this selection of artworks.

Exhibition at National Film Board, Médiathéque, Toronto, Canada, in the framework of aluCine Festival, Co-presented by Ana Pato.